Unstable Districts may hide Theatres – if a District containing a Theatre is completed any Cults with influence in that District may perform the forbidden play - The King in Yellow and recruit another cultist to their team.

Design Notes

I like games with secondary goals that do not *directly* contribute to the victory conditions. For example, in Le Havre – goods are worthless at the end of the game but without them you’ll never make the money you need to develop. In Alchemists, *money* is (largely) worthless but think of the reputation you will gain from the fancy robe you can now afford! Games where one player can risk lag behind, concentrating on infrastructure while another moves straight for victory – hoping that their later speed will allow them to compensate for the early loss make for a more strategic and textured game.

"Recruitment" is one of Carcosa’s secondary goals. Tying up one of your cultists on the completion of a Theatre is a longer term payoff – but will give you more ability to control the board and more volunteers to be sacrificed to the dreadful *Feaster* should you manage to summon one (more on that in a later spotlight!)