UKGE – the Wyvern’s lair and playtesting


In June I had a fantastic opportunity to pitch Ore-some to a room of gamer’s and 6 new, and established, board game publishers. This was both nerve wracking and exiting. I had only every talked through the game to play testers and family, and even though I was prepared, I managed to ramble my way through my presentation.


Thankfully a couple of the publishers were interested and took the time to play on the day or review at a later date. The feedback from these publishers have been great and have cemented my belief that I still need to work on refining the game. Overall, a very positive experience that I would recommend to every designer.

Another amazing opportunity was my time spent in the play testing area. Several of the gamer’s that saw my pitch came along and played one of the three games that I ran on Sunday morning. The feedback from these sessions was in the form of a play testing feedback form. The form helps the players give more targeted feedback which was used to mold the game, hopefully into a better game. I have now adapted the form to be used by play testers who are currently reviewing the game with the aim of molding the game into the best version it can be.

Overall my feedback was that it was a good game, and although there were some criticisms, these were presented in a positive manner, with great suggestions on areas that could be improved.